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How To Make Money Online Without Any Investment

Nowadays making money online is a very and easiest way. Anyone can do it. No high-skilled is required for the same, just basic knowledge of computer and internet. If someone does it dedicate, it’s no doubt he/she can earn $1000/month. so patience and dedication is the major key to the success. so let’s come to the discuss with details.


As all of we know that google is the most prominent search engine and daily basis million of the search request are placed on google. so now Google is the market player. till date, no one bit google as per its popularity. so we can make money from Google in two ways.

1. Google Adsense
2. Youtube

One can earn millions of dollar from each category.

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate?
In simple definition goes to promote third party product and get the commission.

Affiliate is the best option to make money. one can do it from its own website or without a website. if you have a website it’s the better way or if you don’t have any website it’s not an issue to start.

One can start affiliate by using free third party web 2.0 properties. so many web 2.0 websites but as per the popularity, we can say WordPress, Blogspot.

Just pick up any popular product and do promote it through your blog.


PTC or we can say it paid to click. it’s the easiest way to make money from those sites. what needs to do? just click and notice the advertisement for 10 to 30 seconds and get paid for each and every advertisement you notice.

So many PTC sites are available where it offers amazing service, just register and view the ads. All these sites are completely free, not a single penny is required for invest.

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