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How To Promote Your Business Digitally For Better Sucess

In my today’s topic, I need to clarify to my valued reader what is an offline and online business? And why promotion is necessary for each and every business. Then I will come the main topic.

Just of the basic idea which will clear all of these things. If we’ll compare between two people one is technical and another one a simple.

In a case of the simple person, does have any knowledge of online business promotion. So if we’ll discuss that particular topic how a simple person promotes its business? In the case of offline promotion by taking help of TV, radio, newspaper. where he’ll get some business leads.

now the second point comes my mind the advantage and disadvantages of offline and online business promotion


definitely, we’ll get a benefit as we are investing money for the same. so we can say investments is the key point of our success in an offline business promotion. without investment, it’s not possible. we can expect 80% of the result.

1. As we discuss on my previous topic that investment is mandatory matter without investment it’s not possible.

2. second things time consuming

3. You’ll take a risk as you are investing money. so risk and tension always will come definitely.

The second thing we’ll discuss a technical person. how he’ll promote his business, as he has complete knowledge of online business promotion. he’ll do all these things by the help of SEO

Now we’ll come to the main point what is SEO and how it help for promoting business to get better success.

“SEO” means search engine’s the process of improving the quality volume of traffic and ranking of a website in search engine result pages(SERP)

As per my above definition three questions arises in mind, like traffic, ranking, and SERP, in the case of SERP I’m explaining the google SERP which would be easier, as all of we know that google is the most prominent search I’m going to discuss it with details.

Traffic – when your website comes on search engine result pages with the relevant keyword search of your business then we can say you are getting traffic from google. we can collect traffic in various ways like you say SEO, or you say SMO( Social media optimization). we can say this is completely organic traffic, as you aren’t investing a single penny for the same.

Ranking – when your website comes to google SERP with a relevant keyword of your business then ultimately we can say you are getting the ranking from google. and if that ranking from google the first page then the thing will be different. The first-page result means it’s the huge thing.

Benefit of 1st-page result on google SERP

  • Rule the search engine – Google. Let your prospects find you easily. Increase your chances of gaining Popularity.
  • Beat your competitors easily
  • Reduce your marketing budget with almost 0 investments
  • Definite increase in traffic
  • Higher brand credibility, people trust Google
  • Better ROI (Return on Investments) than normal ads
  • Take your business to the next level
  • 60% of clicks go to the first result

So first-page result means you are getting ranking and traffic. more traffic means more clicks, ultimately you are getting more leads.

Advantage of online business promotion

1. Cost-free
2. No investment
3. Risk free
4. Less time consuming

IF we’ll discuss all these things briefly this is completely free without investing anything and also risk-free. no need to go anywhere else just sit one place and do promote your business through online.

Disadvantage of online business promotion

1. Completely time taking
2. No sudden result
3. 100% result oriented

if we’ll discuss all these above things with briefly this is the little bit time taking as we are doing all these things freely. so we need to keep patience for the same. ultimately 100% result will come.